About Unisex brand and Collection

A correction called "Maori warriors" is inspired by MAORI culture in New Zealand. These are silver accessories with tattoo motifs called moco. The motifs symbolize nature, power, beauty, and courage. Each motif has original meaning, fun to wear because of its unique design.

The " Lord Camelot" is created by using advanced technology and designed each item in detail. This European fashion brand offers unisex products that are not only for men. The main material which is used for this brand is called "Royal silver" is original material that takes them years to develop.

There is a field no one should enter. That is why it is so attractive. The pleasure of taboo. "Joint Taboo" is a brand which offers accessory especially with cross motif. In addition to the excellent design, the brand provides wide variety of sizes. Therefore, it can be enjoyed as pair.

The Spear Collection is touched by latest fashion but not chase it. The brand provides wide range of design accessories which allow you to express yourself in every moment. Its solidness, color, and decoration are unique to silver. The design attracts people and captures their hearts.

The main point of treasure hunt is the excitement of exploring for the treasure which is never found by anyone. In the collection "TREASURES"by SPEAR, you can always hunt
the item which can be the main roll of your outfit or also which can make a great combination with other items. You must be excited by the creative items.

"ELEMENT"is the ultimate unit which can not make any smaller . We create the ELEMENTIUM collection by using materials such as Metal , leather , stone , wood and glass ,So why not be creative and wear your ELEMENTIUM in anyway you like as there are no rules .

Inorganic. Simple. Sharp.
It's the brand which gives you the high class style at any scenes of your life.
It must push you up into simple but grown-up mature style with the design which can be done only with stainless steel materials, and attracts everyone by cool, shrap and composed appearance.

"Plug-in" accessory is designed with latest material by using latest technology such as combination se-ries of stainless and titanium. This is the brand for next generation.


About Unisex brand - Recommend Gift Style

Vu le Vu
- for precious moments -
Birthday or anniverssary….the moment you spend with your precious person, it becomes a special second even for each second.
Vu le Vu means "shall we? " or "would like to" in French.
Would you like to wear the same thing with your darling? And ask your darling, "shall we find the precious for our own? "

2/elua ..... which means number 2 in Hawaii.
Enjoy your favorite accessory with your precious person.
Wear them together. 2/elua collection is incorporated the Hawaiian design in a casual style.
This meaningful design is also recommended as a gift or lucky charm.

"with thank you"
As a good job present for yourself, "A+"
As a precious gift to my dear, "A+"
Mini gift with reasonable price for any scenes, "A+" will play the best roll for that.


About Pierce & Body pierce

Selected pierced earrings.
There are several designs such as simple or hard with material of silver, stainless, and titanium.
Since this collection provides wide price range, it satisfies both fashion beginners and experts.

Selected pierced earrings.
There are several designs such as simple or hard with material of silver, stainless, and titanium.
Since this collection provides wide price range, it satisfies both fashion beginners and experts.


About Pair collection

Pair item is an essential part of accessories.
The collection offers various pair items such as pendant, ring, bangle, and bracelet. Most of them are simple but accessory with massive look is available. Rich designs and coloring is key to this collection, but also used various stones including zirconia, turquoise, agate, hematite, amethyst, or garnet, as well.



About Men’s brand & Collection

Italian brand accessroy mainly made with antique color stainless steel with leather parts,
you must check out the cool but detailed collection.

The encounter of two generate new one.
Silver and brass. It is a collection combinated with those two different materials.
Enjoy the antique taste of metal which will be even more lovable by wearing and caring it everyday.

Sinners who against their own fate.
Just follow your own heart and reach where you want to be.
"SINNERS by SPEAR" is gothic collection from silver brand called SPEAR.
The item look is such as detailed as silver, however it is made with stainless steel.

"SPARTA by SPEAR" is from silver brand named SPEAR.
It would be your real partner walking along with your life together,
the item with detailed design and curving in real leather.


About Lady’s brand & Collection

Collection from pair item brand Vu le Vu "Petit kawaii"for all women,
PETIT by Vu le Vu"" is a collection to accessorize all women with sparkles. It would be a pinch of spice for your outfit by colors and detailed decoration."

Lotta Jewellery designs are created with the wonder and joy we discover in the innate beauty in nature and the subtle expressions in art. The brand appeals to worldwide clientele and it can be found in 20 countries including Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Milan, Stockholm, and Tokyo.

Anat designs are created from the world of emotion and the creativity of designer. Each product is made with sincerity and it can be seen in its detail design. Since the accessory is made of various materials, it goes well with any styles.





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